Dating at Christian Mingle Reviews

The Christian community often uses the Internet dating website called Christian Mingle reviews dating. Like many dating websites, it connects men and women that share similar interests and meet with their custom compatibility profile. It has some major advantages compared to other common dating websites and includes all of the general features you can find on the typical dating website. There are some good and bad aspects of this website that will be gone over throughout my Christian Mingle review.

Christian mingle reviews


Online dating is been taking off in popularity for years. Many people find that looking at a potential mate’s photographs, interests, profiles, and other details can allow them to connect at a deeper level faster. Many people are too busy to go through this process on a person-to-person basis and dating websites can expedite the process. These days there are a large variety of different websites intended to help people find partners including Ashley Madison, Chemistry, Lovestruck, and more.

Christian Mingle dating has its own particular advantages when compared to other dating websites. When the user first signs up for their account they have to provide a personality profile. That personality profile is then used to find potential mates that are ideal for each candidate. Through the use of Christian mingle users can communicate with each other through messaging, chatting, and sharing photos.

Some of the advanced features provided on Christian Mingle include:

  • Advanced profile search
  • Free membership for women
  • Profile photo authentication
  • The ability to see who viewed your profile
  • Online and off-line statuses for chat
  • Filtered search for appearance, gender, interests, location, and religion
  • Anonymous e-mail

Over 11 million people visit Christian mingle every single month. That includes almost 2,000,000 unique visitors. That is thousands of times more unique visitors than the majority of dating websites. That suggests just the majority of Christian Mingle reviews are positive. My Christian Mingle review is no different. Over 60% of the visitors were female. Blacks compromised 13% of the visitors. Asians compromise only 2%. The most common age group for the visitors of Christian Mingle is 45 to 54 years old. The vast majority of visitors are college graduates. The website includes over 1 million members around the world.


The major disadvantages according to many Christian Mingle reviews suggest the cost and the restriction to the Christian community are negatives. This, however, is not so bad when you consider the advantages of free browsing and the search provisions provided.

If you’re looking to find your perfect match and are willing to put in the time and money to do it then Christian Mingle is the ideal opportunity. All that you have to do is sign up for Christian mingle reviews dating at to start looking for your perfect match right now.